Leasure tips for your holidays in Südtirol


In the heart in Meran, set in a Mediterranean countryside park you will find the new Meran Spas, where a heavenly oasis of relaxation and wellbeing with myriad water-attractions unfurls over an area of 7.650 m².

Piazza Terme, 9
I-39012 Merano
Tel. 0473 252000
Fax 0473 252022


South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

Over 5,000 years ago a man climbed to the icy heights of the Schnalstaler glacier, where he met his death. In 1991, he was discovered by chance: Together with his clothes and equipment, mummified, frozen – an archaeological sensation and a unique snapshot of the life of a copper-age man. Following many years of research by highly specialised research teams, the mummy and his belongings have been on public display at South Tyrol’s Museum of Archaeology since May 1998.

Via Museo 43
I-39100 Bolzano
Tel. 0471 320100
Fax 0471 320122


Advent in Merano

Get to know Meran’s Advent in the wonderfully decorated city of Meran. From the end of November to January, you will find the Christmas market on the Passer promenade.

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